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24 09, 2018

It’s the Back to School Season

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Texas is a seasonless place. Life here is lived in a constant tropical sun. It puts you in a constant state of seasonal disorientation.

I’m not complaining merely stating fact. I live here by choice.

The lack of the brilliant bursts of color on the trees to signal fall has arrived means using other clues for the shift from summer to fall.

Here in Texas the back-to-school sensation of September is what marks fall’s beginning.

The temperatures aren’t going to change until maybe December. It’s the excitement of back-to-school sales and the sound of the yellow school buses in the morning that mean the season is changing.

As a kid, I loved going back to school. Seeing friends, getting new school clothes and shoes. Fresh new notebooks with all those empty pages waiting to be filled and sparkly new pencils waiting to be sharpened. It was an exciting time for me.

Now, flipping the calendar to September still brings that anticipation of new adventures. It’s a turning point, not only signaling the arrival of fall but also new beginnings.

A New Year means making resolutions. September is a time to assess progress. Where are we? How much further do we want to go?

Summer with its freedom from routine and laziness is over. Fall is the time to harness the momentum of back-to-school excitement and make a positive push forward.

Do you get that “back-to-school” sensation in September?

17 08, 2015

Five Back-to-School Tips for a Good School Year

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School bells will soon be ringing. In some places, the bells already signal the beginning of the new school year.

Everywhere parents and kids are hoping for a really good year. I’m offering some tips today from fictional teachers that will make that happen.

In my latest sweet romance series, The Fitzpatrick Family where each of eight preacher kids has his or her own romance story, books one and two are about school teachers.

WLB_cover_2015_100x150Andy Fitzpatrick of When Love Blooms is a special education teacher working with at-risk high school students.

WLR_cover_100x150Becca Fitzpatrick of When Love Returns is a middle school teacher with aspirations to be the school principal. No spoilers here. You’ll have to read the book.

Brother and sister put their heads together and came up with these five tips to help make this school year an all-round success.

• Before that first day, take a virtual tour of the school with your child and/or visit the school’s website. You’ll find a wealth of information to speed the process and avoid awkward first-day moments.

• Plan a “bus stop breakfast” for your elementary age child on the first day of school. Nothing fancy, simple is best. Becca thinks it’s a great way to start any school day.

• Take your pre-teen or teen to the local mall and splurge on a new outfit. Andy reminds us that wearing what’s trendy is especially important at this age.

• No matter what their age, encourage your child to reach out and introduce themselves. They’ll make new friends so much faster. On the flip side, remind your child to reach out to any new kids.

• At the end of the first day, be sure to ask how the day went or meet the bus then share an after-school snack.

The Fitzpatrick teachers wish all the students, teachers, and staffs a safe and productive new school year. And, so do I.

21 08, 2013

Back-to-School – One Word Wednesday

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Another summer is about over. Labor Day is less than two weeks away. Fall will officially arrive on September 22nd. 

It’s the time of year when this one-time schoolteacher becomes nostalgic.

I’m not saying I’d want to be back in a classroom again. Not with the challenge of teaching today. 

Still, once the back-to-school chatter begins, a part of me misses the excitement of starting a new school year, setting up my classroom, and seeing the eager young faces. The freshness of a new beginning.

Last Monday, when the dogs and I were out on our daily sunrise walk, we spotted a school bus, I swallowed the lump in my throat brought on by my memories.

busThe three of us paused.

walking dogs in TaosI said a prayer that it would be a “really good year” for the bus driver, the kids, and the teacher waiting in the classroom.

May all the students, teachers, and staff who began a new school year this week or will be going back-to-school over the next few weeks have a safe and productive new school year.

welcome bk to school

YOUR TURN: Do you miss school days?

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