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Took A little Trip to the Gulf of Mexico

As I rode in the car, a line from an very old ballad played in my head. “In 1814 we took a little trip … on down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.” Chances are you won’t …


Rush, Stress, and Busyness – Blogs last month you might have missed

NaNoWriMo 2012 has ended. (btw, MAJOR congratulations to those who stayed the course and wrote 50,000 words. I’m so impressed.) Today’s December 1st. The holiday season is upon us and closing in like a speeding bullet. If you’re …


Friday on the MILLER FARM – A Day in the life of a Chicken Wrangler

Yesterday morning when I (Sara the Chicken Wrangler extraordinaire) went to let the chickens out and give them food and water I discovered that one of the quail had gotten itself stuck in the space where the eggs …