7 10, 2022

Chicken Tree

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

I watched our neighbors’ chickens recently.  I also fed their dog and cats but the chickens were the most interesting. They tend to wander the yard until the dog goes outside.  Then they run for their lives!

Rosie caught one while I was on duty and it was not harmed at all.  I think Rosie just likes to play chase.

The chickens have learned that, while Rosie is fast, she does not have wings.  They fly up into the tree to safety.

Our neighbors have a chicken tree!

3 10, 2022

My Love of Words

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Words are my world as a writer. I’m always working to build my vocabulary and hone my word use.

A recent blog post from Writing Tips, “The Vicissitudes of the Latin Plural in English” fascinated me.

Not because of the Latin. My knowledge of Latin is limited to “Et Tu, Brute” and “El Pluribus Union.”

What intrigued me was the evolution of Latin words and their plurals.

When the English-speaking curriculum included the study of Latin, the Latin plurals for words were standard. Nowadays, not so much. Use has changed their use. Imagine coming across any of these Latin words when you’re reading today.

Latin Singulars Latin Plurals
Formulae for formula Octopodes for octopus
Agendum for agenda Encyclopediae for encyclopedias
Hippopotami for hippopotamus Dogmata for dogmas
Alumnus for alumni Stigmata for stigmatas


Don’t know about you, but I’d stumble if I read any of those in something I was reading.

Fortunately, language is always changing to suit the comfort of the people who speak it according to the blog. Whichever word sounds “less English” is dropped.

That’s why words like data are accepted as either singular or plural. Other words like medium and media, the plural, have taken on new and different meanings.

Media in today’s use refers to methods of communication such as newspapers, television, radio, and film. The word medium can be the material used by an artist to produce an artistic creation or any method for doing something.

Latin singulars and plurals are mostly found only in a scientific or academic context.

I can understand why. Can’t you?

30 09, 2022

Morning Smile

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

This year at school, we have new procedures in place to increase security. These have been added to the procedures regarding illness creating what could be a tedious morning duty routine.

However, as the self-appointment Campus Morale Officer this year, I am trying to stay positive in as many situations as possible. This includes morning duty.

My assignment is to greet the youngest students as they enter, take their temperature, and send them directly to their class. The older students who come through my door are headed to breakfast. All others enter a different door. Everyone has their temperature taken.

For this task, we have a rather bulky thermometer that is intended to rest on a stand. It monitors temperature as people walk by. The problem is that our people are too short. So, we take the thermometer off and point it at the students as they walk by.

This makes for some interesting situations.

Some students come in with a juice box and insist I check its temperature also. My favorite student believes I am taking his picture each morning.

He gives me the biggest smile! I smile back.

The principal put out a rotating duty schedule. I refuse to move from my duty station. I look forward to my morning smiles and don’t want to share.

26 09, 2022

One of my Favorite Fall Things

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One of my favorite things about September is the moon. It’s always big and bright and seems so close. Moonlight guides my early morning walks with Finnegan.

It’s called a harvest moon.

The name likely sprang from the lips of farmers who, in the days before tractor lights, used its light to gather their crops, despite the diminishing daylight hours. As the light faded in the west, the moon would soon rise in the east to illuminate the fields throughout the night.

It’s not truly bigger, brighter, or more pumpkin-colored than other full moons. It just appears to be.

Our moon normally rises on average 50 minutes later every day as the year moves on. A Harvest Moon rises only 30 minutes later. Those twenty minutes make a difference in how big the moon appears.

The Harvest moon isn’t associated with a specific month like other full moons. The moon that rises closest to the autumnal equinox, is called the Harvest Moon.

That was September 10 this year and the night sky put on a dazzling lunar display for skywatchers around the world. Did you see it? If not, check out this Twitter post from Nicholas Isabella.

You can enjoy other fabulous Harvest Moon shots from around the world here.


23 09, 2022

Plugging the Hole

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

We had some pretty windy days in August. We also have some mostly dead trees in the backyard. This combination has led to falling branches, some landing in the “duck pond”.

It didn’t seem to bother the ducks except it made it a little crowded so I faithfully removed the branches.

When I cleaned out the pond/pool I discovered one of the smaller branches had pierced through the bottom of the pool.

It was tightly wedged in the hole, keeping the water from leaking out.

It made me think of the story of Hans Brinker, the Dutch boy who plugged the hole in the dike with his finger. He stayed until someone came to fix the hole and was hailed as a hero who saved the town from flooding.

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone will come to fix the hole in our duck pond. And, although the weather is still good for swimming, the stores have replaced swimming pools with Halloween decorations.

I guess the stick will continue to plug the hole. Meanwhile, I’ll watch the curb for discarded swimming pools with no holes.

19 09, 2022

The Legend of the Bottle Tree

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SOURCE:  explorebeaufortsc.com

Bottle tree art is a southern tradition that goes back to ancient Egypt. African slaves carried the bottle tree tradition to Europe and North America in the 17th century.

Many African tribes and communities believed that the talents of the dead could be stolen or could escape from graves. Bottles placed around the gravesite captured the good talents and kept them safe and trapped evil spirits.

That belief came with the slave trade to the American south when enslaved Africans placed bottles in trees around their slave quarters to keep evil slave owners away.

SOURCE: eBay auction item

Interesting side note, the Victorians incorporated the same idea with witch’s balls placed inside their homes. Witch’s balls look like Christmas ornaments and were added to the base of marble top tables, hung, or placed on stands.

Though the superstition has been all but completely lost over time, bottle trees are now entrenched in yard art.

Blue bottles are most often seen. Originally Milk of Magnesia bottles, which were blue, were used. They’re too hard to find these days. Most folks settle for blue wine bottles.

The blue color is important because it is believed to discourage the haints. That’s southern speak for ghosts. A special shade of blue called “haint blue” is used on southern porch ceilings to ward off evil spirits and stinging insects.

Whether you believe all the hocus pocus folklore, bottle trees make an interesting piece of yard art. If you don’t want to use a live tree, you can find lots of iron trees at garden shows and plant nurseries or make one yourself.

My bottle tree is a mix of colors, including blue, that brightens my garden. And just maybe, that’s the reason I have zero haints.

16 09, 2022


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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

I’m pretty convinced that Cooper is part kangaroo. That dog could jump several feet straight up in the air.

While it was entertaining to watch, the neighbors were slightly concerned about him jumping over the fence. To quell their fears, Rachel attached several feet of chicken wire to the top of the fence in the corner next to the neighbor’s backyard.

Although Cooper has been gone for more than a month, the extra wire is still there. I noticed this week that the morning glories have started climbing the wire.

 It reminds me of the time with Cooper. It also reminds me how persistent morning glories are.

Both memories make me smile.

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