As summer begins, distractions abound for writers. Excuses/distractions will keep too many writers from their work.

Self-discipline will give way to sunny days sitting poolside or reading under the shade of an oak tree.

Other things will always distract too. Family. Work. Social Media. Travel. The list goes on.

It is hard to stay focused without self-discipline.

Zimmerman & Kitsantas (2014) defined self-discipline as conscious control oriented towards successful outcomes by overcoming obstacles or impediments.

Self-discipline includes planning, self-monitoring, and sustained effort.

Not me, Not my dog, but you get the idea.

Lately, I confess I’ve been less than self-disciplined about my writing.

For very, very legitimate reasons, of course. Aren’t excuses always legitimate in our minds?

What’s slipping is my self-discipline.

I haven’t spent enough time at my computer with my work in process. A manuscript normally takes me around four months to complete. I’ve been working on this one since before Christmas and the first draft is not finished yet!

I’ve let other things keep me from my butt in a chair, fingers on the keyboard routine. I’m determined to refocus and get back on track with my word count.

Have a problem with your self-discipline like me? Want to get back on track too?

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Let’s go!