LIFE ON THE MILLER FARM: Not a Chicken Story

Today’s email from the Miller Farm…

I went to Target last night in search of, among other things, a biscuit cutter. The handle has come off mine making it a little bit of a challenge to use.

I try to minimize challenges in the mornings and replacing the broken biscuit cutter would definitely reduce my morning stress.

Alas, I found a cupcake corer , cookie cutters and muffin pans in every imaginable shape but no biscuit cutters. I didn’t know cupcakes had cores, did you? See picture below.

I woke this morning up singing:

O where, o where have the biscuit cutters gone?
O where, o where can they be?
Is there no one left who makes biscuits from scratch
Except for crazy ole me?

When you teach music – all of life is a song.

(NOTE: Besides being a chicken wrangler extraordinaire, Sara is also an amazing pianist who has her own music studio in addition to teaching music at a private school. Music abounds on the Miller Farm.)

But the email wasn’t our only communication on the broken biscuit cutter.

Sara called. Naturally I asked about the tune to her song whereupon she sang to the words to the nursery rhyme tune of “Where O Where Has My Little Dog Gone?“.

Then she asked if I had an extra biscuit cutter she could have. I quickly searched my gadget drawer and found four antique biscuit cutters, two plastic flute-edged cutters, one petit four cutter and a fancy Pamper Chef cut-and-seal cutter.

Before you wonder why I have so many biscuit cutters…I must declare I’m not a hoarder.

Not at all, I’m a wannabe Martha Stewart who loves cooking gadgets. I have all manner of gizmos and gadgets in my kitchen. One of my favorites is Piercey the hard-boiled egg piercer.

No master kitchen should be without this clever little tool shaped like a chicken that pokes a hole in the broad end of a raw egg. When the egg is hard boiled, the shell peels off with ease.

Want one? Check out this site.

FYI: I get no kickback from the site, but you’ll find peeling eggs much simplier. Like Sara, I’m all about simplifying stressful tasks and not just in the mornings. Using Piercey the egg piercer makes life simple.

Which brings us back to chickens. Next week we’ll discuss another of Sara’s emails from the farm. This one on chicken food and chicken lips.

Do chickens have lips!?


4 Comments on “LIFE ON THE MILLER FARM: Not a Chicken Story

  1. I’m gonna look for a Piercey! It sounds like a handy tool, if only to get a laugh out of my husband. Thanks, Sara and Judythe

  2. I took my oldest daughter to Good Will to look for things for cooking in her dorm. We found… egg hole punch, still in the package. I made her buy it so the tradition passes on to the next generation 🙂 Also, my husband discovered the tip about steaming eggs and it works great on our fresh eggs. He steams them for 20 minutes then puts them in ice water.

  3. What a fun post! I have one of those press-n-seal dealies since back in a blue moon I was a honest to goodness Pampered Chef Consultant. 🙂

    So, here’s a tip from me about peeling eggs, in case you don’t have the handsome Piercy. I steam my eggs. Load up a pasta strainer, you know the kind that nestles in the top of a pot, water on bottom of course, and steam for same length of time as you’d boil. Shells virtually fall off the egg.

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