How do you write?

It’s Monday again time to begin our writing week. I thought it would be fun to consider how other writers write (wrote).

So what method will you be using to write this week?

Where will you be writing?

How much do you play to write?

I’m inspired. My goal this week is to complete revisions on the first five chapters of my current WIP.

How about you?


8 Comments on “How do you write?

  1. My day job is killing me at the moment. Can only seem to write on the weekends 🙁 Needless to say, progress is not terribly impressive!

    • Day jobs can be killers. Remember every word that you write on weekends, coffee breaks, in the evening, whenever is getting you closer to THE END. (My two favorite words.)

    • Here’s hoping you wake up tomorrow and things will be better. Remember, thinking about your story, your characters, and your plot count as writing.

  2. The music alone in that video inspires me to write – perhaps with an espresso or two 🙂 I’m afraid this week I will only be writing lesson plans. Where did the summer go?

    • Is “Where did the summer go?” sung to the tune of “Where did all the Flowers Go?” Feels like it. This summer went way too fast.

  3. My goal this week is to hammer out a troublesome spot in my WIP so that next week I can finally move on to the ending.

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