Last Friday I posed the chicken lips question. Sorry to report, I haven’t come up with a definitive answer. But so far, my research has turned up some most interesting responses:

  • Chicken Lips’ — a World Humor Comedy Theater which presents customized music and comedy performances for businesses, associations, and private events.
  • a Stafford, England dance band named Chicken Lips
  • Urban Dictionary declares the question a nonsense retort to a stupid or rhetorical question
  • has an entire thread on the question… (Caution some of the language is a bit over the top and may be inappropriate to you.)

Nothing about the anatomy of a chicken. Never fear, the chicken wrangler and I will continue our search and report.

“Hey, Hen. Do you have lips?”

Meanwhile, I’ll share another series of emails from the Miller Farm. These are all about feeding the chickens.

From Sara – the Miller Farm chicken wrangler:

I was checking on the chicken yesterday after a couple of days of bad weather. I decided to give them some grass. This means clipping grass from the backyard with hand clippers (an action which the neighbors find a bit strange) and tossing the clippings over the fence to the chickens.  

Since they have eaten the chicken yard grass down to the dirt, they are most appreciative of any clippings they can get.   

So I’m kneeling on the ground, clipping grass and I looked up to see three of our five dogs eating grass. 

This made me wonder – is being a chicken contagious? Or does grass really taste that good?

What happens with these email conversations is that the whole family chimes in. Each tries to outdo the other.

Here’s how her sister responsed – who happens to be my cover designer extraordinaire (if you don’t believe me check out my books page)

Silly dogs!! Grass is for chickens!!!  Finding your children or spouse eating grass now THAT would be problematic to be sure…

A reasonable response. I waited to see what email came in next. Then the chicken wrangler’s father responded:

“Be careful with dogs and chickens and grass. You could end up with pooched eggs!”

Couldn’t top that. I didn’t try. Next day Sara’s email continued the tale of chickens and grass…

So I went out to check on the chickens and cut some grass for them this morning. I noticed their feeder was almost empty – again. I told them they were eating like pigs.  

That made me wonder – do we need to consider the chicken we eat as pork?

That would give a whole new meaning to the phrase “the other white meat.” 

No responses. Perhaps, like our meal conversations, everyone was laughing too hard. Or thinking too hard!

It’s Labor Day weekend. Last holiday of Summer 2012. A time when we celebrate with parties, parades and athletic events. A time for cookouts and lazin’ around and grillin’ whichever “white” meat you prefer. Be safe and enjoy.

Thanks for dropping by the porch today, folks. I hope we started your holiday with a grin or two.