One Word Wednesday – SIT

I have a Matese name Buster and this is so him. He loves to sit, especially on my lap.


Sitting is good if you’re a Buster, but for a writer doing this is better.


Because, if all you do is sit, then you never finish the book!

So my question for you today is–will you be sitting or writing?


How are you celebrating National Leprechaun Day?

Today is National Leprechaun Day.


No one knows the origins of the National Leprechaun Day holiday, but I’d be guessing one of the tiny creatures came up with the idea for a day in his honor. Being a bit Irish meself, I think it’s delightful that leprechauns have a day separate from St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish folklore portrays Leprechauns as sly and sneaky elves who dress in waistcoats and hats. While they are small in stature, they are quick as a whip and masters of practical jokes.

They are also keen musicians who play tin whistles, the fiddle, and even the Irish Harp and love to dance. Truth is, they love dancing so much, they wear out their shoes and constantly have to make new ones.

You might see a leprechaun if you go to Ireland. Tis been known to happen. But catching one of the mischievous pranksters is another matter entirely!

The wee people hide because, if someone finds a leprechaun, then the leprechaun has to either give his pot of gold to the finder or grant him or her three wishes.

The devious little creatures will do anything to escape from man so they should never be trusted. Some say angry leprechauns are more common than friendly ones. Not true. They tend to dislike humans because humans always seem to chase them for wishes and pots of gold.

If you do happen to catch one, be aware the leprechaun will use all his magical powers to grant you three wishes in return for his freedom. He might even offer you a pot of gold, but he’s also likely to trick you. Check here for tips on How to Catch a Leprechaun.

Most people celebrate this day for fun and for luck. Activities include:

  • organizing Leprechaun hunts,
  • throwing Leprechaun parties,
  • playing practical jokes, and
  • eating and sharing gold foil wrapped chocolate coins

My suggestion to celebrate Leprechaun Day is watch this ten-minute video from the 1959 movie, Darby O’Gill and the Little People. I promise your toe will be tapping right along with their dancing. You’ll also catch a bit of Leprechaun craftiness.

In case you’re not into little green men, you can celebrate frogs because today is also Frog Jumping Day

You’re choice.

Me, I’m celebrating National Leprechaun Day.


Mother’s Day 2013


Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

Today I want to say an extra special thank you to so many mothers who teach their children the love of books.

mother readingCopies of this adorable print can be purchased here.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day and if you get the chance, read to someone.


The Itsy Bitsy Spider

by Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara

Our next-door neighbor called yesterday afternoon and said, “There is something on the outside wall of your house that you will want to see.”

My first question was “Is it alive?”

“Very much alive” was the answer.

So I headed out side to see whatever it was….


Yup, it is a tarantula.

Rachel’s first comment was “It is not coming inside.”

Since it was close to the window of our bedroom, we discussed whether tarantulas could get through glass. We decided they could not.

Beekeeper Brian put on a glove and was planning to hold it, but it got a little testy – picture all those hairy legs sticking straight up.

We left it alone.

About 2:30 in the next morning, Tucker started whining. I took him to the back door, but he didn’t need to go outside. I checked the weather, but no thunderstorm in sight.

We went back to bed.

I must confess, I did lay awake for a while wondering about the spider. But I soon fell back asleep and so did Tucker.

This morning the itsy bitsy spider was gone.

I’m not sure what is more disconcerting – seeing the spider one day or not seeing it the next.


One Word Wednesday – AUTHOR

AUTHOR – the word conjures many images.


So how do you recognize an author?

My friend and multipublished author Joan Reeves created this fabulous video about how to recognize an author.



Where do you write?

I’m always fascinated by where writers write and what their writing spaces look like. I enjoy looking at pictures of famous authors’ desk and writing spaces.

Some places where writers write are pretty awesome.

Charlotte Bronte’s Writing Space

This blog has some wonderful examples of famous writer’s offices.

Rudyard Kipling’s Writing Space
If you’re as fascinated by where writers write as I am, I recommend these sites. 

After thirty-three years of working in my old office, our recent move meant I had to create a new writing space.

The old room offered plenty of space for me, my writing assistant plus two desks-one for my laptop and one for my desktop, a Xerox machine, and multiple bookcases.


A complete world for my writing space.

Not so in our new location. This house has 1,200 square feet compared to 3,600 square feet in our old home. Needless to say, my new writing space is MUCH smaller.

SMALL isn’t the problem.

I can work in small spaces. I’ve written in cars, hotel rooms, on a train, and even on a cruise. All I need is spot for my computer or AlphaSmart.

But there’s something special about having my own office space. Now I’m using the smaller extra bedroom. Too bad the desk I brought with me was designed for a much larger space and the room already has a twin-sized trundle bed.

The real problem was finding places for all the extra-writing stuff—printers, files, reference and resource books, etc. No room for the tables, file cabinets, and bookcases. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After weeks of placing things, my office writing space now looks like this. Plenty of room for my writing assistants and me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith my office set up again, I’m set to get back to some serious writing.

YOUR TURN: Do you have a writing office? If not, what is your writing space like?


Visitor at School

by Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara

Coco, our youngest dachshund, was sick this week with a bacterial infection in her stomach. The vet said not to feed her for 24 hours.


I figured the other three dachshunds would not be too thrilled about fasting with Coco so I took her to school with me. 

I kept her kennel behind my desk and covered it up during my classes so the kids would not be distracted.

Coco, who was not pleased with this plan, made her feelings known by whining loudly. In each class, when the students asked about the noise, I had to admit that I had my dog at school. 

One of the fifth grade girls was quite relieved. She said, “Whew, I thought you were going to say you had a chicken back there.” 

Did she really think I’d bring a chicken to school? 

But on the other hand, if Mary could take her little lamb to school, I guess I could bring a chicken…or a daschund with a tummy ache.