Using the Wrong Word Can Make a Reader Cringe

Have you ever used to instead of too, its instead it’s, or they’re in place of their? You are not alone.

Sometimes such word errors are simple mistakes.

Other times our mistake is because English has so many confusing words that look alike, sound alike or, worse yet, look and sound alike yet have different meanings. Then there are other words that look and sound different but are similar in meaning. It’s no wonder we make mistakes.

Unfortunately, when we misuse words, our readers cringe. That’s not a good thing.

Check out this infographic for the ten most commonly misused words.


You’ll find a complete list of commonly misused words here. What would you add to the list?


One Comment on “Using the Wrong Word Can Make a Reader Cringe

  1. Absolutely. I have made every mistake possible. That’s why I have critique partners who are capable of catching them. Or…. was that whom?

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