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When we left Alex, she was becoming a little grumpy about her living quarters in a small dog kennel with small blankets and a water bottle. She growled at Rachel whenever she approached the kennel.

alex1Rachel thought perhaps she was just being territorial and needed a larger cage with a “home” in it. So she called a friend who brought a rabbit cage with a small wooden box inside.

Rachel can open the door and feed Alex.alex2




And Alex can climb and play.


She has teeth coming in (Alex not Rachel) and so chews on her box and the clothespins holding the cloth. This also means she is eating more solid food and squirrel formula. She is about ready to be moved outside and then set free.

I’ll miss her just as I miss my children who have moved on.

However, Alex will not come home, bringing laundry and a voracious appetite. She is actually going to her real home.

A home she is much better equipped to handle after time with Rachel on Miller Farm.