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My husband and I both drive Honda Fits. Mine is white, his is yellow.  It was not an intentional thing.  We just like Honda Fits.

Rachel and Brian both commute an hour each way to a nearby town for school and work.  For a short time their schedules worked out so they could ride together.

The next semester, when Rachel had to drive herself, she found a stuffed bee to be a travel buddy for her dad.  It fit perfectly in the side front window.

Then she found a stuffed dachshund that she couldn’t resist. So now Brian has two buddies to keep him company:

I travel several blocks to work each day.  In fact, I could probably walk if I didn’t have to drop Bill off at school.

Even though I spend much less time in my car, I still felt lonely without a travel buddy. My front window was very empty.

Recently I found a stuffed eggplant in the back of Rachel’s car. I loved it but, alas, it was a dog toy belonging to Rachel’s boss’s dog.

When she told her boss how much I liked the eggplant, her boss bought one for me.  So now I have a happy eggplant travel buddy!

It makes me smile.


2 Comments on “Travel Buddies

  1. When I lived somewhere a lot more dangerous than Texas, it was suggested I get a mannequin to sit beside me in the car hoping it would look like I was not alone.

    Okay… As always, I’m game. I have to tell you he scared me worse than the terrorists. That boy gave me the creeps! He critiqued every private thought I had. I hope your driving buddies are nicer than mine was.

    • Fortunately my happy eggplant is silent. He just smiles at me, although I guess he could be laughing at me silently…
      Oh well, we can laugh together as I travel the short distance to work and home. After teaching all day, laughter is a good thing.

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