Tipping Point Phase 2 – Tossing and Turning Loose

I may have lied in my first phase Tipping Point blog. This is HARD!

If you read that blog, then you know we decided to simplify our lives, which meant tossing and turning loose of our stuff.

Since my last post, we’ve sorted. Tons and tons of emotions whirled as we weeded through treasures. 

We are not hoarders. Yet we found ourselves with so much.

Partly because as you age you simply accumulate stuff. That and we got lazy about cleaning out the stuff.

Mostly because we’ve lived here so long. Previously, we’d rarely stayed in a home more than five years. To be here in one place thirty years meant lots and lots of STUFF.

Fellow WANA Tribe blogger Sherry Isaac has also been in what I call the TP (tipping point) mode. In her blog Shedding & Shredding the Stuff, she shared a hilarious observational comedy video by George Carlin.

If you’re not familiar with Carlin (I wasn’t), think Seinfeld. Btw, the definition of observational comedy is humor based on commonplace aspects of everyday life. Carlin’s routine STUFF fits perfectly what happened to us.

For a full two weeks, we organized. We gave away. Passed to children and family. Shredded.

And, yes, we kept things. Some treasures we just couldn’t part with and some furniture we’ll use in our new place.

Finally, we held our garage sale. What fun talking with all the folks who stopped by.

We heard some great stories. (You’ll find parts of some of those stories in future Judythe Morgan manuscripts.) I loved the smiles on the faces of those who took away our treasures and made them theirs. Our stuff had found happy homes.

The house is mostly empty now. The rooms echo. The walls are bare.

The woodwork and floors clean and polished. I can’t praise Liquid Gold enough. Windows glisten thanks to Windex. Easy Off turned our originally installed ovens into shiny clean.

I am feeling like a heavy burden has been lifted, but the process involved lots of physical labor and emotional drain.

Onto the next phase now. The house is up for sale.


We’re waiting for the perfect person to buy the home we’ve loved and cherished.

Next time I’ll share how this new phase of our transition progresses.


9 Comments on “Tipping Point Phase 2 – Tossing and Turning Loose

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  4. Always so emotional to enter a new phase in your life. Downsizing was too hard for me–I bought a bigger house but lots of the stuff is still sitting in boxes! So I give you credit for moving along. Best of luck with the home sale. I bet it’s a beautiful place with lots of good vibes where a new family will be happy to live 🙂

    • I hope the lookers can feel all those good vibes because there were indeed many. We still go back periodically to all our previous eighteen homes and see how they look. Only ones that never change are the Army housing. LOL Thanks for stopping by the cyber porch. Come again.

    • We’ll be around. Too much family and too many friends around not to come back often! Thanks for stopping by the porch. You’re always welcome on the cyberporch when we move.

  5. I’m so glad I had the chance to stay in your lovely home and experience the great hospitality. I hope the perfect new owners find the home and love it as much as you did and fill it with tons of new memories and love.

    • Thanks, Ginger. I hope I survive all the “showings.” Just had another call. Off now to spit and polish and hide my computer!

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