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Embracing Change: How a Breakup or Divorce Can Help You Create Positive Habits

A Guest blog by Brandon Butler Changing jobs, getting divorced, having a baby, and moving to a new city are all major life changes. Some are planned; others are not. While some are happy experiences, others aren’t. Regardless… Read More


Change and Toads and Caterpillars

I ran across this quote from James A. Pike doing research for my current WIP (that’s work in progress for non-writer types). Naturally, I did a little rabbit chasing because I was unfamiliar with his name. Turns out… Read More


Ideas for Change on MLKJ Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. preached about justice, empowerment, love and peace. Dr. King believed life’s most persistent and urgent question was ‘What are you doing for others?’ Through his nonviolent activism during the civil rights movement, he changed… Read More