I ran across this quote from James A. Pike doing research for my current WIP (that’s work in progress for non-writer types). Naturally, I did a little rabbit chasing because I was unfamiliar with his name.

Turns out James Albert Pike (1913 – 1969) was an American Episcopal bishop, who died while exploring the Wilderness of the Temptation.

His outspoken, and sometimes, heretical views on theological and social issues made him one of the most controversial public figures of his time. Heresy procedures were started several times, but in the end, the Church decided it was not in the denomination’s best interest to pursue an actual heresy trial.

I don’t like to be controversial so I won’t go into Pike’s views. You can do your own research. All I will say is, he was a fascinating man with some very questionable theological views.

But, I think the advice in this meme is good. He aimed to ease anxiety. I think we’d all agree reducing anxiety is a very good thing.

Slow change can be less jarring. Unfortunately, enacting change like a caterpillar moves – slowly, methodically – is not always possible. Events like Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, earthquakes, and/or wildfires thrust change upon us very fast. We must move and move quickly. The opportunity to be like the caterpillar isn’t there. We have to move like a toad.

The way I see it – take Pike’s advice when you can otherwise hop like a toad to get out of harm’s way.