A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Texas is known for its crazy weather.  A couple of weeks ago it lived up to its reputation.

I was teaching piano lessons via Google Hangouts since we are still sheltering in place and a terrible storm broke out.  It made me glad none of my students were actually at my house. 

When I finished teaching, I looked out the back window and saw a tree had fallen.

Fortunately it fell away from the house so there was no damage – just a lot of work.

It took a couple of days and three chain saws (the first two didn’t work) but we (mostly Matt) got it all cut apart, and I carted it to the front yard.

A couple of days later I noticed a chicken in the front bush.  Not a real chicken but one from my wind chime.

I went out and found the whole thing had blown off the hook.  That was some strong wind!  Fortunately only one of the chickens was broken.

The rest are back hanging outside the front door making their clanking sound.

Hopefully, the weather will be gentler for a while.