A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

I am not sure there is a rougher week for teachers than the week of Halloween. And if Halloween is on a Monday, as it was this year, the week stretches into almost two weeks.

Our Fall Festival was on Friday then they had a Haunted House at the school on Monday evening. We are still feeling the effects two days later.

In times like these, I find myself doing more correcting than cheering.

As I greeted students this morning, I noticed one of my “happy notes” in the outside pocket of a backpack.  These are just small pieces of paper with a positive message that I hand out to kids who have done a good job in music. It made me smile. I forget how much it means to students to be recognized.

In a culture that gives trophies for everything, sometimes just a small note can make a huge difference.

I am determined to look for students doing a good job from now on. It is an important reminder as we head into more weeks of craziness between now and Christmas.