A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Over the last 18 months, the number of dogs on Miller Farm has dwindled to two.  Bella, Tucker, and Sadie passed away after leading long, happy lives.  Cooper and Penelope moved out with Rachel.  That left only Max and Coco who is of the same era as Tucker, Bella, and Sadie so we are watching her carefully.

This has been difficult for all – humans and dogs.

Max has been exceptionally stressed whenever we leave. Beekeeper Brian decided it was time for action.  He began searching Dachshund Rescue sites and we began the process of adopting a rescue dachshund.

When I say process, I do mean PROCESS.  We filled out an application including references.  One friend told us he had never been called for a dog adoption reference.

Then there was the “home visit” where we had a video phone call that allowed us to show the house including the perimeter of the backyard.  Even though we had successfully owned up to 8 dachshunds at one time the process was just as extensive as for a new dog owner.

We considered several dogs but were not matched to any of them.  Finally, Brian saw a 4-year-old female named “Fire.”  We set up a meeting and it was a perfect match!  She went right to Brian and never looked back.

She fits in great with Max and Coco.

We renamed her “Mini” short for Miniums Dachsamus.  She is a perfect match for Maximus Dachsamus!


The best news for me is that she fusses at the turkey.

This distraction allows me to take care of the ducks and chickens without being stalked.  Overall we are thrilled to have added to our pack.

We are on the list for a puppy which will be ready in July.  We are trying to avoid having dogs who are all the same age.  We can’t face losing them so close together.  This way there will be a dachshund on Miller Farm for many years to come.