A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Things have settled into a new routine here on Miller Farm since Rachel moved home with her two dogs.  One of the dogs is Penelope, Max’s sister, who has lived on Miller Farm in the past.  Cooper, however, is the newcomer.  He is an Australian Shepherd puppy and is much larger and busier than the dachshunds.

Cooper gets along with everyone – even the chickens and ducks.  In fact, he enjoys “helping” me refill the duck pond.  By “helping”, I mean he plays in the water coming from the hose as I drag it to the duck pond.

He has even gotten into the chicken yard a couple of times.  After realizing the chickens do not respond well to “herding”, he has given up.

He has been introduced to the chicken on a fencepost game.  He was very curious.  Penelope explained to him that the game involves waiting and watching while the chicken walks along the top of the fence.

Everyone, including humans, waits to see which side of the fence the chicken will choose.

Fortunately, most of the chickens have learned to return to their side.  They don’t yet realize that Cooper would just attempt to herd them back there anyway.