By Chicken Wrangler Sara

As I was driving down our street last week, I spotted a loose dog. This happens periodically and I don’t always take any action.

This dog, however, was dragging a leash. I figured someone would be chasing it so I stopped to help. An older couple driving slowly in a car pulled up beside me. I figured they were the owners, but alas, they were also Good Samaritan dog catchers.

Between us and a man out working in his yard, we were able to grab the leash. There was no collar. The leash was simply draped around the dog’s neck. What’s more, the dog was very skinny and very scared.

a-1I tried to pick her up to put her in my car and she winced and snapped at me.

I knew her life had not been good.

I called Beekeeper Brian and then walked the dog to our house. Beekeeper Brian gave her some food while I went to retrieve my car. We coaxed her into the backyard and went to run some errands.

a-m2When we returned, Matt was sitting in the backyard with her. “I named her Anabelle” he said. Within a couple of hours, she was following him around the yard. She even let him pick her up.

Over the next few days I called the local animal shelters and checked the Facebook Lost and Found page for our area. No one was looking for Anabelle. Matt was glad.

Anabelle gets along great with the dachshunds. She chases Tucker as he chases his ball. He gets slightly annoyed with her at times but then he gets annoyed with anyone who gets between him and his ball.

We’re looking for a good home for Anabelle. Matt loves her, but he will be going off to college in August. He’s willing to let her go to the right “forever” home.

Meanwhile, I have quite a canine trail following me to check the chickens. If Anabelle were a dachshund I probably wouldn’t even notice.a-dogs3