by Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara

Rachel went to a birthday party recently for a set of twins she babysits. Their grandmother wanted to purchase some bantam chicks from Rachel (which of course, she has) so she carried two chicks in a box with her to the party.

She returned a couple of hours later with a different box and said, “Mom, come see my babies.”

I was confused, as usual.  Had she brought the bantam chicks back home?

I looked inside the box and discovered her new babies were baby rabbits, not chicks.

baby rabbits

Rachel found them abandoned in the yard where the party took place.They don’t even have their eyes open yet, but they make noise just like a squeaky toy, which was driving the dachshunds crazy.

The momma rabbit was nowhere to be found, and the four babies were in danger of starving. Something Rachel could not allow.

Becoming rabbit rescuer Rachel, she loaded the babies into the box then stopped to purchase formula and syringes on the way home so she could feed the rabbits every two hours.

This morning a friend brought her boys over to Miller Farm to see the chickens and quail. Little did my friend know that today we would also have baby rabbits. 

Every day is an adventure here on Miller Farm.