One Word Wednesday – Poetry

April is National Poetry Month. That’s why I chose Poetry for our word today.

I read in Cynthia R. Green’s blog “A Mad Obsession’: Poetry on the Brain that poetry is a good way we can keep our brains challenged and vibrant.

To quote Dr. Green: “Numerous studies have shown that intellectually engaging activities such as reading or writing poetry can be critical to maintaining our mental acuity and potentially reducing our risk for dementia over our lifetimes.”

Here’s a Writing Prompt from Edie Melson’s The Write Conversation to stimulate your brain today.

Poetry of Life

Now go read or write a poem.


7 Comments on “One Word Wednesday – Poetry

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  4. Finally I feel brainy then lol. And i thought it was Sudoko which I am not into that prevents demetia etc. Reading the newspaper is supposed to be good too but may cause depression lol.

    • LOL lately reading or listening to the news has definitely been a downer. Next week let’s hope things will be better. I think brain value in poetry is coming up with all those rhyming words. That’s a gift. Thanks for stopping by.

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