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I recently did my annual “work in the flower bed in the heat of summer” job. Some pink flowers we dug up at my father-in-law’s and replanted in our flowerbed prompted it. They add some cheer and color to the front of the house.

At one point we had another flower bed that encircled two pine trees.  There were irises, a rosemary plant and a couple of althea bushes.  Rachel and I worked in that flower bed 2 years ago but then the pine trees died and were cut down and the rosemary didn’t survive our “trimming” so I gave up on it.

Most of it just looks like part of the yard now except for these two amaryllis plants.They apparently did not get the memo that the flower bed was gone and they just keep on blooming.

I received word at the beginning of the month that the school where I teach is closing grades K-12 and will only keep the preschool open.  This has made me very sad.  Seeing these amaryllis every day reminds me that even though things around me are not the same, I can still bloom.