I’m late posting today. After the last week, I’ve come to realize spending time with loved ones is more important than being late. Yesterday was sibling game night and I simply forgot to post!

You might have noticed the lack of blogs recently. That was partly because I had no power at my house, but mostly because I just couldn’t get it together.

First our move and getting settled took priority then the weather interrupted.By last Wednesday, I was deeply engrossed in preparing for Hurricane Harvey landfall. Chasing around for bottled water, power bars, and batteries. Standing in long lines at stores. Waiting at the gas pump.

Then Friday came and Harvey landed. We sat on the bad side. Rain pounded Houston and us (we live 40 miles NW of the city).

For four very long days, we battled pounding rain and gushing water. Ended up with 31” of rain where we live, thirty-eight hours without power, but no serious water damage.

So many weren’t as fortunate. You’ve seen the newscast pictures. Up close and personal, it is so much worse.

Driving through our old neighborhood, what we saw made us cry. Almost every home had mountains of carpet, hardwood flooring, windows, doors, furniture, clothing, household goods everything piled at the curb. People were everywhere giving hugs, hauling stuff, and helping to gut homes. It warmed our hearts to see everyone pulling together, but the magnitude overwhelmed us.

This rebuild after Harvey is going to take years. Please, if you can, give to the relief effort.

There’ll be no Labor Day holiday for Houston. Their labor has only just begun.