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Until recently, we had to water the chickens regularly. The 100 degree heat was hard on them and they enjoyed playing in the sprinkler. It is all part of Texas in August.

Hurricane Harvey changed that.

We were fortunate to be far enough away to avoid the really bad flooding. In fact our area is the staging area for the FEMA teams going into South Texas. It is the closest place to find enough dry land to set up supply chains. Our little airport is now hopping with planes and helicopters of all kinds as people are flown out and rescuers are flown in.

Before all this I got this picture of a chicken under the sprinkler.  Of course at the time it reminded me of a song…Now it reminds me of God’s faithfulness regardless of the situation.  He is bigger than Harvey. #prayfortexas.


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  1. Right now, our area is, of course, a no fly zone. Yesterday, I heard the familiar rumble from a silent sky. When I looked up, all I saw was one helicopter. Life Flight!

    Okay, it wasn’t a return to normalcy, but I remembered the story about throwing a lone starfish back in the water. Maybe we can’t immediately save everyone, but someone was working hard to save that one.

    Please pray for all our Texas heroes and all those who have rushed here to help us.

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