Anniversaries mark accomplishments and are fun to commemorate. February 24 will mark View From the Front Porch’s tenth blogiversary.

I’m not sure you’ll find blogiversary in the dictionary but when talking about an anniversary for a blog,  blogiversary makes perfect sense

My original plan ten years ago was to blog every day. That quickly fell to the wayside when I realized writing blogs ate into my fiction writing time. Blogging became twice a week with a once-a-week blog from Chicken Wrangler Sara aka my daughter on Fridays about Life on the Miller Farm.

We also host guest bloggers periodically. If you’re interested in sharing a story or a word of wisdom, you’re invited to check out guest guidelines here. Authors are always welcome to introduce old or new releases, email me and we’ll discuss.

We’ve covered lots of topics over the years. You can read my very first blog, here. Or, Miller Farm’s first post here.

Our decade of blogging includes 1,295 posted blogs, 29,761 views from all over the world, 1,592 comments, and 175 followers.

By the way, it’s easy to subscribe and have the blog appear in your inbox. Simply, go to the home page and enter your email address in the box on the left sidebar below the purchase links to my published books.

Chicken Wrangler Sara and I send a big thank you for your support of View from the Front Porch this last decade and hope to see you more in the years ahead.