A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

With every new flock of chickens comes a certain amount of training. A friend of mine gave me a chicken training book one Christmas.

While the book is highly entertaining, this is not the kind of training the birds need.  Our birds must learn to go into their coop at night. This seems simple enough. After all it is much safer in the coop.  However they still resist.  At first they hide under the coop.  Enter the “multi-purpose net.”  We scoop them up and put them where they belong.

Once they get big enough to join the big girls in the big coop, they tend to find places to roost outside the coop.  The beehives provide perfect roosting places and we simply pluck them off and put them in the coop.

One of them likes to roost in the tree.

While this is a natural thing for wild chickens, ours are not meant to be wild.  Rachel clipped its wings which helped somewhat.  It still likes to get as high as possible on the beehives.

Every night I take the chickens from the hives and put them in the coop.  I keep hoping they will get the message but they are pretty stubborn.  I have raised three teenagers – so am I.