A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

This summer I decided to set some goals for myself. One goal is to learn to play the harmonica. 

My father plays and one of my students taught themselves this year so I am inspired.

I’ve bought the harmonicas and a book.  Now I have to learn so I can teach the rest of my students.  I need a break from teaching the recorder.

My second goal is to repair our chicken quilt.

This quilt belonged to my mother-in-law and we have stored it for nearly 30 years now. I remembered it had some seams coming out and some of the quilting needed repair.

When I dug it out, I realized most of the seams were undone and much of the quilting has disintegrated.

Undeterred by this daunting task, I have begun the restoration work.  The plan is to display it in our living room.

The colors do not match anything we have but it is chickens so it has a place on Miller Farm.

This year has been very difficult physically and emotionally.  As I work on the quilt, I find it somewhat therapeutic.  I can sense myself stitching back the undone seams of the past year. Slowly life is coming  together again.  Hopefully by the end of the summer both the Chicken Wrangler and the Chicken Quilt will be restored.