Recently Chicken Wrangler Sara blogged about a relic she’d uncovered from her past. If you didn’t read that blog, you can here.

She comes by her hoarding of things with fond memories honestly. Her father and I have downsized four times now and I still have personal things I just can’t bring myself to discard.

I’m piggy backing on her post to share a couple of items we’ve hoarded that, some day, she and her siblings will be forced to deal with.

Back when my husband and I were in junior high and high school in Texas, girls and boys were required to take home economics and shop classes. Even if your master plan was to go to college, before you graduated, you had to have classes in both.

He made a little stand in metal shop class.

I’ve used the stand for plants. Sometimes a circular piece of plywood sat on top and we used it as a little side table.

For the last thirty plus years, it’s held our gazing ball.

I made a little bowl in wood shop class. It hides in the closet holding safety pins, but it’s still around, too.

We’ve hauled both things through fifteen moves to nine different states, some states more than once. Does that make  us hoarders?

I don’t think so. Like Chicken Wrangler Sara’s talent show sign, the stand and wooden dish bring a smile whenever I look at them.And that’s the real reason I keep things, I mean hoard things. Don’t we all?