By Chicken Wrangler Sara

Every year at Christmas, I sing “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” It’s a real song I promise.

This year Rachel got me a hippopotamus – she made me a hippo hat.hippo hatI love it. Now I can sing “I Got a Hippopotamus for Christmas!” – which I do.

This week we had another cold spell so I wore my hippo hat to school. The kids (and teachers) all love It was so worth it.d it.

I wore it all day and as I walked into the teacher’s room at lunch, all the teachers were looking at me. I explained that I could not take my hat off because I now had “hippo hair.”hippo hairThey thought it was hysterical.

Of course they did, their hair looked wonderful. Mine, however, looked as though a hippopotamus had been sitting on it all day.

Wednesday is “hat day” at school. I may wear my hippo hat again – unless I decide to wear my magic hat. Decisions, decisions……