by Chicken Wrangler Sara

I was working at my computer this week when I caught a glimpse of something out the front window.  At first glance it appeared that a chicken was in the road. (Was it trying to cross?  If so, why?)

I got up and started toward the door, wondering if it was one of ours chicks or another stray chicken (see You’re not My Chicken! You’re a Snort.)

About that time a car drove by and the bird took flight.

turkey vulture

It looked like a small plane – huge wingspan.  It was a turkey vulture.  It flew to the roof across the street then waited in the yard for a while.

turkey vulture2Eventually it flew away.

Yesterday the grandmother of a piano student was waiting in the driveway and said she saw some huge birds circling the back yard.  I sure hope it wasn’t the turkey vulture and his friends.  Chickens I will wrangle but I draw the line at turkey vultures.