A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

The school where I teach has several classes that are hatching chicks this spring. This includes the 4th grade class where I eat lunch every day.  The students have been counting the days and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first chick.

This happened yesterday.

They were all very excited to share this news with me and I must confess I was just as excited to see the new chick.  We’ve hatched many chicks but it is still amazing to see them just out of their shell.

The students were served chicken sandwiches for lunch.  They were very careful to keep their food away from the chick so as not to upset it.

I found that very thoughtful.

I got a message from a friend last night who had taken some of our duck eggs to hatch.  This also happened yesterday.

  I guess April 28 was a good day to hatch!