A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

My 5th and 6th grade class had earned their free time so we went outside. The girls headed for the swings while the boys grabbed a football. Within a few minutes, the boys came running over saying “There’s a baby raccoon!”

Being an experienced teacher, I didn’t necessarily believe them at once. However, upon further inspection, there was indeed a baby raccoon.

Its eyes were not open but it was still alive. I sent one of the students to the office for reinforcements.

In all my various encounters with animals, I have never run across a raccoon but I knew enough to stay back and keep anyone from touching it.

I texted Rachel who happened to be at recess with her class. She called and suggested we contact Texas Parks and Wildlife to see if there was a small animal rehabilitator nearby. She texted me the number which I sent to the school office.

Meanwhile, the principal came out and got a shovel and bucket and moved the little fellow out of the sun. By the time I checked on him at the end of class, he had perked up a bit.

The woman from the wildlife rehab center came and picked him up. I have not followed up to see how he is. I like to believe he is happily growing and preparing to return to the wild.