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Although we call it Miller Farm, we actually live in the middle of town on 1/3 acre lot one block off a major street.  The pie shape of our backyard has allowed us to keep the various birds and stay within city ordinances – until now.

Apparently some city dwellers are not happy with crowing roosters.  The latest ordinance that has passed the first reading bans all roosters in the city limits. This is sad for us.

Most of our roosters are nameless and so I’m not attached.  Kaboodle and Custard, however, are in another category.  Not only do they have names, but each one has his own blog post.


Read Custard’s blog here.






Read Kaboddle’s blog here.

A piano student’s mom posted about Kaboddle and Custard   somewhere and we got a message from some friends of ours who were looking to replace their rooster.  They live outside city limits and have 4 children living at home.I explained to the boys that they would be moving to a new home with lots of room and no crowing restrictions.  They were not impressed but hopefully they will settle in.  I’ll check on them later.

Farewell Custard and Kaboodle!