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We recently acquired another rooster. The former owners felt like they had too many roosters. I can certainly relate. This one, however, is a crested Polish rooster – a breed which Rachel has wanted. So off we went to get our new rooster.

kingI must confess – he is wonderful:

His original owners have three children. The oldest is a girl about 9 years old who explained to us all the idiosyncrasies of our new rooster – what he liked to eat, how he liked to be held.

She also told us about the vacation Bible school she had attended that day complete with a demonstration of the craft. She was quite friendly. And talkative.

We named the new rooster King Kaboodle after the rooster in a children’s book I have.bookIn the story, the rooster crows at all hours of the night preventing the other farm animals, and the farmer, from sleeping. He is in danger of becoming soup until a wise goose tells him about the King’s Chorus, a special group of roosters all around the world who crow in succession as the sun rises. It is their job to keep the king of the world (the sun) awake so corn can grow. Kaboodle takes his place in the King’s Chorus and the farm and farmer get to sleep at night. Everyone is happy.

Perhaps we should get a goose to convince our roosters to join the King’s Chorus. Or maybe not.