I spent two weeks in Ireland last month. The timing was troublesome because I truly love watching summer give way to fall here in the Rio Grande Forest.

Actually, I dearly love everything about this time of year…the way the shadows lengthen and the crispness that fills the air replacing the warmth of summer days.

Ireland had fall color and it was lovely, but I fretted that my time there would mean I’d miss my most favorite season in the Colorado mountains. On the other hand, I was not willing to forfeit an opportunity to spend time in my beloved Ireland.

I truly panicked when the leaves in the higher elevations began to show their shades of yellow, red, and orange early this year. I knew for sure the color change in my little mountain town would be over by the time I returned.

Much to my delight the Aspen trees waited for me! I was blessed to return to green leaves that are just now slowly changing.

Every day since my return I walk Toby and Buster or sit on the porch sipping tea and say with Emily Bronte… Every LeafHow about you? Do you enjoy the shift from summer to fall as much as I do? Is Mother Nature showering you with her color displays this fall?