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Miller farm has been inundated with wildlife in the last few weeks. This would be expected if we were out in the country. However, we are in town.

We suspected something had taken up residence under the shed in the backyard based on the way the dachshunds were circling and sniffing. Bella went under the shed to try to get it but came up empty. We felt pretty certain that it was a possum – or a cat. We have several stray cats in the neighborhood.

We were wrong.

turtleRachel saw Sadie chewing on something and went to investigate.

It was a turtle.

Sadie thought it was a chew toy. Fortunately the turtle stayed inside its shell and survived the experience. Pretty tough shell!

Rachel carried the turtle to a nearby creek and let it go. It was last seen “hurrying” (as much as turtles ever hurry) away.

Check back with Miller Farm next Friday to read Part 2 about the squirrel named Alexandra.