25 11, 2020

Old Irish Blessing for Thanksgiving

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At Thanksgiving we think about all the things we are thankful for. For Chicken Wrangler Sara and I that’s you, our readers.

It’s our tradition to offer this Old Irish Blessing rich in what we wish for you and yours.  And, perhaps this crazy, mixed-up, pandemic Thanksgiving Day we all need the thoughts and words more than ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!

23 11, 2020

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Quarantine

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Thanksgiving arrives this week for those of us in the United States. Before COVID-19 struck, we had a week filled with family reunions, food, fun, travel, football games, Black Friday, and being thankful.

Not necessarily in that order.

All that was very different from how Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1607. Those were days of prayer, not days of feasting with services deeply grounded in religious beliefs and gratitude to their Heavenly Father.

Some of that changed in 1621 when the Wampanoag Indians were included in the festivities. Dancing, singing secular songs, playing games were added. A very secular celebration that would have shocked those first celebrants.

During this pandemic when we’re being told not to gather at all. Celebrating will be different again. Difficult. Sad.

Thanksgiving won’t be the same as last year’s, which may be a good or bad thing depending on how your day went last year.

But don’t let this pandemic madness stop you from celebrating. Here are four ideas for quarantine celebrations.

  1. Host a virtual get-together. Zoom is lifting it’s forty minute call limit so you can visit together longer.

If you want to avoid controversial topics of conversation? Download a printable list of conversation starters from the Alice&Lois blog.

Are missing the younger grandkids? Start with a Zoom craft-making session. Tracing hands to make a turkey and then writing something you’re thankful for on the finger-feathers is always fun.

  1. Light a fall-scented candle and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s still happening though different thanks to COVID restrictions. It’s reassuring when Santa arrives at Macy’s.

3. Take family walk or bike ride. Enjoy the fresh air outside.

4. Keep a notebook handy and jot down something each day that you are thankful for. Then share on Thanksgiving.

Use your imagination. Be creative. And don’t forget to include things from the original holiday like prayer and thanksgiving.

11 11, 2020

Veterans Day 2020

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Today is Veterans Day.

I come from a family of veterans which means I have a deep-rooted interest in the day.

My husband is a retired Army officer. My father served in the Army Air Corps as a navigator. My uncle was a Marine on Imo Jima. My cousin was in the Air Force. Three brothers-in-law served in the Navy.

To all those who have answered when called, gone where ordered, and defended our nation with honor, I send a sincere thank you.

I also served as a Department of Army Civilian at Eighth Army Headquarters, Yongsan, South Korea, during the Vietnam War. That time provided the spark for my novel, Love in the Morning Calm. Lily and Alex’s story expanded into a four book series titled PROMISES.

The PROMISES boxed set is now available for a limited time for $.99. Click here to get your copy.

7 09, 2020

Happy Pandemic Labor Day!

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Judythe MorganLabor Day celebrates our workforce as this vintage postcard suggests. It also signals the end of summer though the fall equinox won’t actually happen for three more weeks on September 21. Still we consider summer gone after Labor Day.

Labor Day celebrations look different this year thanks to COVID-19. No skipping town for faraway places. No firing up the backyard BBQ for gatherings with friends and family.

While pandemic separation may make us miss catching up with cousins and neighbors with hot dogs in hand, it also means less effort preparing for the day. No rushing to cut the grass or clean the pool, or all that other prep that goes into entertaining. That’s kinda a plus.

Bonus: we didn’t have to deal with Cousin Will’s ultra-conservative (or ultra-liberal) political outbursts or the next-door neighbor’s comparisons of yards.

Labor Day does offer a break, a change from daily routines. No school. No Zoom meetings. A day to relax. To slow our pace.

And, trust me, relaxation of any kind for any length is more important than ever in these times of increased stresses.

I like what Brian Basset suggests in a recent Sunday funnies.

judythe morgan

As we head into days with all the back-to-school uncertainties and pre-election day chatter and other things that are sure to increase our stress levels. Let’s take Red & Rover’s advice to heart and embrace the fact that slowing down can lower stress.

Turn off the news.

Skip social media.

Sit on the porch and

Focus on the little things like cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and sitting by the lake with a fishing pool.

Happy Labor Day 2020!

1 07, 2020

Boys and Flags

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Happy 4th of July!

This year’s 4th of July must look a lot different in order to abide by public health orders and keep us all healthy. But even COVID-19 shouldn’t stop a run around the backyard with an American flag.


If you viewed the blog early on Monday, you saw a white space where there should have been a picture taken by my photographer daughter of two boys (her sons, my grandsons) running with flags.

WordPress decided that photo was a security risk and deleted it.This is a stock photo from Same idea. Not a security threat.

Strange because I’ve been using that picture for years around the patriotic holidays, but then it is 2020 and so much that used to be isn’t.

You can still grab a flag and run through your yard with an American flag and grill a nice, juicy burger to celebrate America’s birthday. Let’s hope.

25 05, 2020

How to celebrate Memorial Day During the Coronavirus Quarantine

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Memorial Day is the holiday set aside to remember the men and women who gave their lives while serving this country. To say thank you for their supreme sacrifice.

Because parades and gatherings are cancelled this Memorial Day weekend, retired Air Force bugler Jari Villanueva and CBS News “On the Road” correspondent Steve Hartman are asking buglers and trumpet players across the country to stand on their porches this Memorial Day at 3 p.m. local time and play “Taps.”

The rest of us can pause for a moment to remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice serving this country as well as all the victims of the coronavirus pandemic while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

If you’d like to dust off your trumpet or bugle and sound the call, click here for directions on how to participate.

If you’re not a bugler then perhaps you can play a version of Taps from YouTube like this one.

24 02, 2020

Yellow Roses for a Texas Valentine’s Day

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My sweetie surprised me with roses for Valentine’s Day. Yellow roses.

Red roses are common for the day. But yellow roses are our special roses.

After his heart attack many moons ago, I brought a yellow rose to the hospital every day. We lived in Connecticut and finding a yellow rose wasn’t easy. But, not any old red rose would work, it had to be a yellow.

I was his rosebud from Texas, and the only girl for him.

By the first anniversary of the heart attack we were back in Texas. I sent a dozen yellow roses to his office. Imagine his co-workers’ surprise when they learned the anniversary they celebrated.

My yellow roses for Valentine’s Day were a surprise. Double special with their sweet history.
If you’re not familiar with the song have a listen.

And, you can read about the historical Yellow Rose of Texas here.

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