betweenI’m BETWEEN right now like the bird in the graphic. You know, that space separating two points, objects, etc.

My new book released this month, which gave me a great sense of accomplishment and relief. I met a goal.

At the same time, the accomplishment thrust me into a BETWEEN space wondering what now.

I’m not alone. In talking to other writers and friends, so many confess to being BETWEEN – between inspirations, between books, between projects, between jobs.

BETWEEN can be an uncomfortable space. Many say it’s like a fog knowing there’s something beyond, yet struggling to see what that next thing is.

BETWEEN can freeze us if we forget life’s a trip through each day, each week, and each year. As writers, we travel page by page, book by book.

At the same time, BETWEEN offers a period of awareness. Like almost anything meaningful in life, it’s about perspective. Time in this space allows us to pause and evaluate where we are and where we want to be.

The space should motivate us because we have options. What comes next depends on our individual decisions.

We choose our own path. Our individual paths will vary. Same as our writer’s journeys differ. Today’s publishing world is all about innovation and pushing the envelope to put remarkable stories in readers’ hands. We have so many options for what now at the end our BETWEEN space.

For me, BETWEEN is a temporary holding pattern, a hiatus where I can catch my breath before charging ahead with the next thing.

I already know what’s now for me – the next writing project.

I recently attended a Power Plotting Weekend with Mary Buckham, USA Today best-selling author and writing teacher extraordinaire, and plotted three (3) projects. I’m pumped and ready to go.

YOUR TURN: What about you? Are you in the space BETWEEN or in what’s now stage of your journey?