By Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara

We have another hawk terrorizing the chickens. It was hovering over the chicken yard and the girls were all squawking in terror.   I ran out and it flew into the neighbor’s tree.

This is the neighbor with chickens so I quickly texted her “Hawk alert.”

The hawk came back and sat on our fence until I came out the back door. Then it flew off and I haven’t seen it since.

This morning the chickens were making all kinds of noise before I had even let them out of the coop. It was their “Help, something is after us!” cry so I hurried to the chicken yard wondering what I’d find.

As I approached, I told them “I’m coming, I’m coming.” They quieted down. There was nothing there but chickens. I guess they were just ready to get up.

It reminded me of when our kids were still in baby cribs. They would wake up and make noise until one of us came in to get them out of the crib. We sent the youngest off to college this month.

I was thinking, though, that as long as we have chickens, we’ll never really be “empty nesters.”