??????????????????????????????I’m sure you know what question I mean.

You’ve probably heard it many times yourself…

“What do you do?”

I wear so many hats – wife, mother, sister, daughter, cousin. It’s hard to zero in on only one to answer the question.

Then I enjoy so many things – playing Pickleball, reading, walking with my dogs, gardening. How do I zero in on a single answer about what I do?

I could answer with one of the many professions I’ve held over the years – teacher, administrator, DAC, antiques shop owner, volunteer. I enjoyed every job I’ve had. It’s crazy to relay all those in answer to a polite, rhetorical question.

I’ve thought about how to answer and discovered that in everything I am or do, there is one common thread. That thread is storytelling.

Like all of us, I share personal stories in social conversations, but I also make up characters and write their stories. Stories, which, in turn, become published, adding the category of author to my numerous professions.

Stop and think about it. We are all storytellers.

As a teacher, I told stories to help my students learn. As an antiques dealer, I told stories about the antiques I sold, and as a volunteer, I tell stories to make others feel comfortable.

Mostly the stories we share are anecdotal. But, it’s important to note that I also make up characters and their stories and I love what I do.

So when someone asks me the question, my answer is “I’m a storyteller,” which, in most instances, provides an opportunity to mention my published books.

I would love it if everyone I told I was a storyteller or those reading this blog went to FB and liked my author page, or bought a copy of my book, but the truth is, doing those things wouldn’t change my answer or what I do.

I’ll always tell stories, no matter what the format.

I am a


I’m grateful my stories take written form in bookstores and in libraries. At the same time, I recognize when I’m old and in a rest home, I might not be up to writing.

I am hopeful, however, that I will be entertaining my fat, happy great-grandkids with verbal tales about my scandalous past.

The medium may change, but my storytelling will always be the same. For you see, there’s always a story to tell. And, remember, I have Irish genes so the stories don’t have to be totally truthful.

So what about you, how do you answer when someone asks what you do?