by Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara

Our Rachel, Miller Farm Daughter #2, has taken up crochet.

She’s made the standard scarves and blankets. Lately, she has also gotten creative. She has made baby hats with ears to look like panda bears and hats out of her school colors with pompoms on top for college friends.

For Mother’s Day she made me pot holders:

chicken pot holders

These will replace the worn-out ones she and her sister made for me out of the loops and loom many years ago.

We told her if she didn’t find a summer nanny job, she could open an Etsy shop and sell her crochet.

Fortunately, she started a full time nanny job on Tuesday. She’s realized (very quickly) that crafting is not the easiest way to make money.

Meanwhile, I’m happily benefiting from her creativity.