Where’s Bella?

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Besides being an accomplished chicken catcher, Bella is also quite adept at playing hide and seek.  I’m not sure that is her intention however, I frequently find only parts of her sticking out from under various objects.

Most recently I found her under a couch cushion.She is particularly fond of the blanket on the couch and can get herself completely under it.  (That’s Tucker’s tail.  He was looking for her.)Sometimes she gets completely under the sheet.Other times she leaves her head out.She also likes to be under the table – especially when we are trying to eat.Most of the time she just lays in the middle of the floor – tongue out.  Being Bella is very tiring.


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  1. Neat story and your title caught my eye quickly. Our (my son’s) dog is named Bella. One year old precious Weimaraner is the apple of my son’s eye. He got her at 6 weeks, so you don’t always have a guarantee dogs will adapt to a family, but Bella has. She goes to a doggie day care twice a week and loves her buddies. She’s been to a two week training a month ago and that has helped tremendously to be more socially behaved. I’ll send you a couple of photos via text.

    • Our Bella actually belongs to our oldest daughter who got married 2 1/2 years ago. Catherine chose Bella from the litter even though we were looking for a dog for her sister. We have never regretted having an extra one.

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