What is Fall?

About the graphic

This suspended leaf with green in the background is a perfect depiction of fall for those of us who live along the Gulf Coast. No beautiful mountains of color here. Just the occasional leaf floating to earth.

About the quote

The quote is from Matt Lanza’s weather blog, Space City Weather. The full quote reads: “Autumn is really just a state of mind. In Houston it has to be because you certainly would never know it was just about autumn by stepping outside.”

And, indeed, we are having a very hot September. Our temperatures are in the 95+ range with heat indexes well over 100! To have a feel of fall at my house, I’m hauling fall decorations out and using fake fall foliage accents.


3 Comments on “What is Fall?

  1. I’m from a small and very rural town/Bureau in Pennsylvania. We have the pretty leaves unlike you. However, whether they’re pretty or dull it not only makes us take a hard look leaves and trees but ourselves too.. Do you write books? What are your books about?

  2. Fall is the season to break free of the cocoon of the oppressive heat of summer, Let’s surrender to the thrill of the flash of color in the circle of life.

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