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In the summer, I go to the pool a little later to swim. This means it is light when I come home. I don’t mind so much in the summer.  Walking from the car to the house in my swimsuit and cover up makes sense.  In the winter, however, when I am wearing my pink fuzzy robe over my suit, I am glad it is still dark when I get home.

Because it is light, the puppies are up.  They don’t know how to sleep late.

puppies1Brian and Rachel put them outside and they are watching for me to get home.  They are usually sitting at the gate while I hang up my towel. This morning, Penny was overcome with the temptation to jump on her brother.

They are quite the pair.  They chase each other all around the kitchen until we put them outside where they have much more room to run.  And they do run.  And run and run and run.

puppies2Until they collapse.

While I was unsure about having six dachshunds, I am glad we ended up with both puppies.  They would be lonely without each other.

puppies3Penny has discovered Aunt Bella is fine if all you want to do is take a nap.

puppies4But for playing, there is no one like a sibling.