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Kaboodle, our Polish rooster, seems to finally be settling in to his new home. There is always a certain amount of adjustment when new birds are added to the flock.  They start at the bottom of the pecking order and have to work their way up.

Kadoodle1For Kaboodle, this seems to have taken an unusually long time. He spent most days hiding between the bantam coop and the fence.

Perhaps his unique appearance caused the other birds to pick on him a little more. He is, as my mom stated, a most distinct rooster:

Then Rachel read that Polish chickens have a hard time seeing through the feathers on their heads. To help with this some owners trim their “bangs.”

So I held Kaboodle while Rachel gave him his first feather cut. It didn’t seem to bother him much at all.

Kaboodle2Now he runs around the chicken yard with all the other birds. I’ve even seen him chase some other chickens away from the food.  Instead of hiding behind the coop, he proudly roosts on top.

This is a much better place for such a handsome rooster.