A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

A friend in my Bible Study Fellowship class is a gardener. She was talking about weeding one day and I mentioned that I always feed the weeds to my chickens.  They love scratching through and finding bugs.

Vicky started bringing her weeds to me.  She would put them in a mulch bag and I would carry them home in the back of my car.  The chickens are thrilled.

I made a video of the chickens eating to send to Vicky. In it you can see them scratching and hear them clucking with contentment.  You can also hear the dogs barking in the background.

At one point, Custard comes running by but he’s too scared to stop and scratch with them. He prefers to jump up and get the leaves off the tree behind the pile of weeds.

Why spend money watching movies when the chickens provide such great entertainment for free?