The origin of St. Valentine’s Day is found in the story of Saint Valentine, who, on the evening before his execution, wrote the first valentine, addressed to the daughter of his jailer, and signed the greeting “Your Valentine.”

That was in the 5th century. Since then Valentine’s Day has become a major commercial holiday.

The National Retail Federation anticipates over $18.2 billion will be spent on Valentine gifts this year. Of that amount, the Greeting Card Association expects $1 billion to go for greeting cards. Flowers will account for $2 billion and candy for $1.7 billion.

Cards, flowers, jewelry, and fine dinners are all very romantic gestures to express love for one’s sweetheart on this special day. But, gifts don’t have to involve great expense. Nothing’s better than a homemade Valentine card or a home cooked meal served by candlelight.

2018 will be a very unique Valentine’s Day because February 14 also happens to be the first day of Lent 2018, Ash Wednesday.

Interesting to note that Easter and April Fool’s Day will also fall on the same day this year. It’s the first time in 73 years.

Stop and think about it though, we shouldn’t be surprised.

We experienced a Blue Moon in January and unique things always happen once in a blue moon.