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For the past week and a half, each morning, I have experienced a UCR – unidentified crowing rooster.

rooster crowingNow you may wonder how I could tell this was an “unidentified” crowing rooster and not one of the many in our back yard.

Crows are distinctive. The direction of the crowing is also distinguishable.

Each morning, at about 5:00 I would hear an unfamiliar rooster crow and it sounded like it was next door.

I was most concerned. While our neighbors enjoy our farm, I’m not sure they want it in their own back yard.

Each morning I would take stock of our roosters to see who was wandering next door.  Alas, all the roosters were accounted for.

Now I was truly befuddled.

Then yesterday morning I walked by my son’s room at 5:00 and heard the URC once again.

It was then that I remembered Matthew had set his new phone alarm to sound like a rooster. It sounded very life-like, but not very effective.Matt sleeping

I had to wake Matthew myself.

I chose to speak to him and not crow like a rooster, which obviously did no good!

Mystery solved.