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I have a confession to make.  Several weeks ago I wrote about being fearless. This is not entirely true.

I opened the door to the garage a couple of weeks ago and saw a snake slithering along a milk crate. This was not a small, cute rough earth snake.

This was a huge unidentifiable snake and I slammed the door and screamed. I did not stop to take a picture but here is one I found:

This is what I imagined: Here is Beekeeper Brian’s rendition of the story sent to our children:

“Ok, so….. I just got the beejeeebus scared out of me. Mom is screaming from the kitchen like something is killing her!

I drop everything, run in there with no shirt or shoes (I don’t know how I will ever get service here, but that is beside the point, I digress) and she is screaming there is a SNAKE in the garage!!!

Well, being the loving husband and desiring to protect, I go to investigate. Sure enough, there is a little snake tail in the milk crate by the water heater.

Resisting the urge to just grab it (since I couldn’t see enough to be sure), I take the milk crate to the patio and start removing things. Sure enough, just a little Texas rat snake. It starts to leave so I let it. All four feet of it. Off it goes into the yard next door.

Well, I might have a few more gray hairs now from the excitement.”

He’s not the only one with additional gray hairs.  I’m just hoping the snake told all his friends to avoid the garage on Miller Farm.