Time to De-Stress, Re-group, and Re-focus

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Halloween was Saturday, which means whatever calm and order existed in our personal worlds will soon disappear into preparations for the coming holidays.

Don’t get me wrong. The holidays are my favorite time of year.

At the same time I dread them because the days been Halloween and New Year’s Day can be so overwhelming.

Plus, this year I have a new writing project due by the end of the year—When Love Trusts, Book three in the Fitzpatrick Family series.

Because Chicken Wrangler Sara and I want to enjoy the holidays with our families, and hopefully reduce our stress, we will be taking turns posting blogs once a week instead of our two individual blogs each week. This plan worked well last holiday season and we’re counting on it working again this year.

What will you be doing to de-stress, re-group, and re-focus during this holiday season?

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3 Comments on “Time to De-Stress, Re-group, and Re-focus

  1. I’ve decided to de-stress by NOT attempting to do NaNoWriMo! I’ve tried for three years to do it, and it’s always a demoralizing disaster. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and ADD and both have gotten much worse now that I’m post-menopausal (guess those hormones were good for something). That means November is getting to be a hard time for me to function even without a major writing project. Throw in a new job at the local library and Thanksgiving prep and trying to write an entire first draft of a novel just seems like insanity. So that’s it. I am resigning from NaNoWriMo and never, ever trying this again. Until next year anyway….

    • I tried NaNoWriMo once and it was a total disaster. The competitive me fought with the slower writer me. I couldn’t stand falling further and further behind so I haven’t tried it since. lol
      This season between end of October and January 1 is hard on lots of folks for lots of reasons. Maybe your new job will be the bright spot for you. Good luck.

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